At the core of every presentation…

one must ask, “Why am I making this presentation? Who am I making it for?” While this may seem like a simple question, the difference between the answers in the west and Japan are very noticeable. Once this distinction is understood, one can start to learn how to change their presentation style to meet the expectations of their audience.
With Ren’s Presentation course you can learn how to maximize the results and the effect of your presentations. You will learn how to leave your audiences with a strong impression after each presentation. This course will not only improve the effectiveness of your presentations but will increase your value to business partners abroad.

Be Persuasive

Our presentation course teaches you how to give not only an informative presentation but one that is persuasive. When giving a presentation in English, being persuasive is best. It’s not enough to just pass on information- audiences must be given a course of action to their benefit. Through this course you will learn how to be persuasive and provide solutions and value to your audiences.


Confidence is a huge part of giving a presentation, and it comes from preparation and comfort while speaking in front of people. Audiences will be able to pick up on confidence and judge the value of the presentation based on it. That is why we created a system that will reduce stress and make presentations in English more enjoyable and less confusing. There is a big gap in the level of confidence in participants of this course from when they take the first lesson and their final presentation. This is created through providing an easy to understand structure and ample practice until it feels natural.

Mastering the Q&A

The Q&A session can be one of the most stressful points of giving a presentation for a lot of people. We stress the importance of the Q&A session and inspire participants to enjoy and long for it. We offer a number of techniques to handle this important part of the presentation confidently, professionally and effectively. We make it so that any question can be met with an appropriate response, regardless of preparation.


A common issue we find with a lot of people making presentations is with the time, stress and energy that is required to prepare them. Our system makes the process less stressful and makes it possible to prepare for a presentation at a fraction of the time it would normally take. With an easily customized structure and simple guidelines, participants learn how to quickly and efficiently prepare for presentations.

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