Meeting styles across the world vary…

For example, the difference between meetings in Japan and America are vast. The expectations, manners, decision-making practices and volume of meetings between the two are very different and require training to effectively understand and participate in naturally.
Ren’s Meetings and Teleconferencing courses shows the difference between Japan and most of the west, and shows how to participate in meetings in English to optimum effect. Through many exercises and practice students will get experience participating in western style meetings and hone skills that will impress foreign business partners and reduce stress in future meetings.

  • Decision-making – Participants will learn how to make decisions that will not only be agreeable to their superiors but also to those who work under them.
  • Facilitation – Learn how to be an effective chairperson. You will learn how to effectively control a meeting and produce the best possible result out of every meeting.
  • Contribution – As meeting styles in the west are more assertive, participants will learn how to effectively contribute and provide solutions that will win the respect of their coworkers and superiors.
  • Teleconferencing – Teleconferencing is hard no matter if you’re proficient in a second language or a native speaker. The feeling of stress during a teleconference is universal, and this course will provide skills that will reduce that stress and make teleconferencing more productive.

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