International communication…

is a means to bridge an understanding across nations and cultures. It is necessary in today’s globalized business environment, and with more effective international communication comes more ease and reward when operating overseas.

International communication means understanding other culture’s values, perceptions, manners, social structure and decision-making processes and an understanding of how members of that group communicate. Through our course, not only do we teach people how to understand all of this, we show them how to use it in practice.

Through exercises students will see first-hand how to use these skills and how it will help them make business smoother and more efficient when working across nations and cultures.

Cultural Differences

Students will learn about the differences between Japan and a variety of other countries. For example, the difference between high-context cultures like Japan and the generally low-context environment of the English-speaking world. They will see how to better understand vastly different cultures and communicate with them better.

Logic Flow

You will learn the natural logic flow used in English-speaking cultures. With this understanding you will be able to convey your thoughts and ideas more clearly and more easily understood for English speakers. This logic flow is not only useful for communication with English-speakers, but you will find that it will help you articulate more professionally and authoritatively.


During this course you will have plenty of opportunities to exercise the skills and knowledge you’ll gain. We have a variety of different exercises and simulations to learn and sharpen your new skills. All the activities are fun and thought provoking and will show you how to use these skills in your everyday life- professionally as well as personally.


Once you start to understand the logic flow of the west, you will begin to use it to make decisions and make arguments. Using our structure you will be able to make a convincing argument and impress even people who don’t agree with you with strong logic and professional manners.

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