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of all skills taught under Ren, debate is the ultimate challenge for those looking to work overseas. As a debate isn’t as cherished or practiced as much in Japan compared to the west, it is quite difficult for many Japanese to learn and execute. After learning about western logic and thinking as well as many different skills like meetings, presentations and negotiations, they will be prepared for this course. This debate course is not just a test of how well one understands western thinking and business practices, but how well they can execute a persuasive style that will command the respect and understanding of foreign business partners.
This will not only help them professionally but also in their personal lives to analyze ideas and proposals objectively and present their opinions clearly and persuasively.


Learn a comprehensive structure to guide you through any debate, regardless of difficulty. Our structure is clear, effective and can be easily catered to almost any situation.

The use of this structure will make your future debates more smooth and professional. It will also reduce your preparation time as well as your stress when preparing for a debate. This structure provides clear objectives for all parties participating and encourages and produces more contribution. What was once a stressful and unproductive endeavor is now fun and enriching.


One of the most important qualities of those who participate in debates is persuasion. It’s not enough to just have a well-written speech for your debate, you must be able to make the audience believe and trust you. Not only are persuasive skills important to win your debates, it also makes participating in debates more fun and less stressful.

You will learn how to be more confident and persuasive through a number of practice exercises and tips throughout this course. Through these methods and techniques your outlook and overall feeling with debates will become more positive. Through positive manner your arguments will become more convincing and will win you the respect of audiences and moderators alike.


Throughout this course you will become familiar with the ebb and flow of debate and how to make persuasive arguments and how to react to your opposing team’s arguments.

In this course you will learn how to make strong, logical arguments that will be difficult for opposing teams to refute. You will learn how to set forth strong positions and support them with relevant facts and logic. On the other end of the debate table, you will learn how to analyze your opponent’s arguments as well as how to properly cross examine to gain important information to rebut their arguments. Also, you will also learn to work in a team to maximize the effectiveness of your arguments.


Strengthen and reinforce your delivery skills. We will go through many techniques, provide guidance and practice until you are confident and comfortable to make convincing arguments in your debates. We will work together you help you make strong, objective, logical arguments that will not only sound convincing but will be supported by relevant facts and sound logic.

We provide ample opportunities and guidance to practice in a variety of different situations. You will learn how to deliver your arguments in a way that captivates the attention of your audience and demands their respect. By the end of this course you will see a big improvement in the tone of your voice, confidence in your posture and an overall improvement in the fluency of your speech.

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