Some people write over a hundred emails a day for their work…

If you have to write an email in a foreign language, it usually takes time and a lot of energy. This can cause stress and take up a lot of time away from other tasks.

Our business email course breaks down all the most commonly made mistakes (which take up time and cause confusion) and points them out clearly and provides solutions on how to better write emails more clearly and efficiently. We then teach a simple structure to provide guidelines that will avoid confusing the recipient and maximize the efficiency for everyone involved.

Common Mistakes

We have collected a list of the most common mistakes made when writing business emails. We point out these issues and provide solutions on how to better convey what needs to be said while maximizing efficiency.


Writing business emails in Japan is quite different than what’s expected in the English-speaking world. We show what is expected in a business email written in English and how to make yourself easily understood while reducing the time and energy required to write them.


Students are given a number of different practice emails to write based in a variety of different situations. As they learn the structure and guidelines, they exercise them by writing emails. With each email written, we see improvement in the clarity and speed of completion.

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