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The world is getting smaller. Japan is seeking new markets and Japanese companies need to have the ability to communicate in English with the advent of the global market place.

It is essential for Japanese businesses to not only communicate in English, but be well versed in cross-cultural communication to ensure they remain competitive.

Ren Communication understands the challenges Japanese businesses face to communicate in English with competence and confidence. With years of experience providing high-quality services to a number of Japan’s top companies, Ren Communication emphasises a practical approach to education and places students in real-life situations. This approach ensures the students improve as quickly as possible and is based more on practice than theory.

This method has proven very effective throughout numerous companies and Ren Communication continues to receive impeccable feedback and praise from companies who participate in our programs. Ren Communication has the experience and quality to develop the English skills so you can compete in the global market place and continue your corporate climb.

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